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JDiag FasTPMS TP808 Smart Bluetooth Waterproof Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor

Product Detail

    JDiag FasTPMS TP808 is new product developed by JDiag Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd in 2018. It is new generation TPMS monitor sensor with Bluetooth 4.0 BLE internal, the well designed iOS / Android App is able to show tire pressure, tire temperature, and sensor battery condition. During travelling, tire pressure and temperature are displayed in real time and alert will be sent when statistics' abnormal. For your safety, please read manual before using.

    Sensor Specifications:
    Processor: ARM M0
    Working Voltage: 3V
    Working Current: 100μA
    Standby Current: ≤ 2.2μA
    Battery Capacity: 140mAh
    Battery Life: 3~5 Years
    Wait Time: ≤ 5s
    Display: Phone APP
    Waterproof Standard: IP67
    Working Humidity: 95% MAX
    Bluetooth Working Frequency: 2.4GHz
    Bluetooth Transmitting Power: 0dBm MAX
    Tire Pressure Detection Range: 100-1300kPa
    Tire Pressure Detection Accuracy: ± 10kPa
    Tire Temperature Detection Accuracy: ± 3℃
    Working Temperature: -30℃ ~ +80℃
    Storage Temperature: -30℃ ~ +85℃
    Sensor Weight: 30g±1g

    APP Description:
    Compatible Operating System
    FasTPMS APP supports both Android and iOS, requires Bluetooth 2.0 or 4.0.

    APP Program Features:

    • Monitor the tire temperature.
    • Monitor the tires pressure.
    • Monitor the sensor battery status.
    • Human voice warning when tires abnormal.
    • Lifetime free upgrade via internet.

    1. Rapid leak alarm: When the air pressure leaks more than 5 Kpa within 5 seconds, it will start the fast leak alarm and the “leakage” icon will appear;
    2. Slow-leakage alarm: When the pressure value is lower than the set atmospheric pressure lower limit value, the system starts a slow-leakage alarm and the “low air pressure” icon appears;
    3. High pressure alarm: pressure exceeds the upper limit of the tire pressure, start the "high pressure" alarm;
    4. Low pressure alarm: When the air pressure is lower than the lower limit of tire pressure, start the “low air pressure” alarm;
    5. High temperature alarm: When the tire temperature exceeds the upper limit of the tire temperature, start the "high temperature" alarm;
    6. No signal alarm: no signal can be received within a certain period of time, and “no signal” alarm is started;
    7. Battery low alarm: When the battery voltage is lower than the set value, start the "low battery" alarm.

    Installation Guide:

    App Software download: